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es came in sight, whom w

y glasses, so we continued our journey, and arrived close to the village about dusk. There was a lot of shouting and hallooing, but we did not go in and camped close together outside. Practically every man

was on guard that night, as we knew nothing about the people, and could not be sure that they would be friendly, but though we heard a lot of shouting during the night no


e found had

thing happened, and in the morning the chief came to see me. As soon as I saw him I liked the look o

f him. He seemed a young man, though it is very difficult to tell the ag


been sent by another chief
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e of natives—they never k

to guide us to his place. They said it was not very far a
Image description

now it themselves—but I took hi

way, but the native has very little idea of distance, and
Image description

m to be about thirty. He seemed

I thought we were never going to arrive at his village. I
Image description

to be quite different from

knew from experience that a native will lead you on for tw
Image description

any Kikuyu I had ever seen, his fea

o or three days with the assurance that you are close to y
Image description

tures being more of a European t

our destination. Our guides kept telling us that it was ju
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st over the next hill, and w
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ype, and he had not the thic

hen we had got over th at it was al
Image description

k lips of the ordinary native, w

ways just over the nex
Image description

hilst his skin was more of a copper

t. I was beginning to get tire d, and thoug
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